Kitchen and Healthy Smoothies

Kitchen with Love plus the result from my lovely “Dapur”…. Healthy lifestyle begin from want to add #VegetablesFruits into your daily life. #greenSmoothies plus #RedSmoothies 🍓🍏🍋 “sehat buat semua”

I missed those smoothies, specially after 3 days without it (Kitchen renovation) and today finally consume my GreenDrink (Kale, Celery, apple, a slice of ginger, apple and of course water plus my fave, frozen mango)

For my birthday girl daughter, I made the red smoothies. Frozen forest red fruits, apple and a slice of beetroot. Hope she like it.

Enjoy your healthy lifestyle.

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Vegetable Fruits for your daily

Sssttt…. Do you know what #iLike lately in this summer 2015 in #Belgium ? …. This beautiful colors from fruits-Vegetables and the power to eat them are something to #inLove with …. My new boyfriend is this stuff now (feeling lovely when iDrink these natural vitamins) ….. Ps: cobain rasa segarnya 🍍🍐🍋🍏🌱 promosi untuk sehat lahir batin ✌🏻️👣💕

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