Those recipes of #HealthyLifeStyle that I found at Pinterest and my fave #GreenDrink lately 🍍🍋💦🍐🍏…. JamuHijau pengganti mbok jamu gendong yg dijakarta dulu itu sering lewat, but here “thank God there’s a juicer or blender” 💦 sehat sehat….

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Vegetable Fruits for your daily

Sssttt…. Do you know what #iLike lately in this summer 2015 in #Belgium ? …. This beautiful colors from fruits-Vegetables and the power to eat them are something to #inLove with …. My new boyfriend is this stuff now (feeling lovely when iDrink these natural vitamins) ….. Ps: cobain rasa segarnya 🍍🍐🍋🍏🌱 promosi untuk sehat lahir batin ✌🏻️👣💕

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Green Smoothies Recipes

Serupa but not the same, famous name #GreenJuices #GreenSmoothies which is combination of fruits & vegetables but they are a #superfood kind of stuff because the function can cure some of your health problems. A week I’ve tried these kind of #juices / #smoothies and in the morning you are fully energised and around evening you are tired, relax and enjoy your sleep. The 1st couple days, kaya ga enak body cos srasa gimana gitu didalam perut tubuh kita ini. Selanjutnya berasa enteng Dan kok ya ketagihan. Sharing ini buat family or friends yg mau nurunin berat badan or judulnya detox (kluarin racun yg didalam tubuh ini) plus…. A week tried and celana yg dulu sempit, kok skarang kembali nempel 💕 ps: catch your dreams …. “Everything is possible” …. Sehat selalu buat smua, Amin Amin (9 different mixed fruits veggies) 🍍🍏👣

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