Less sugar & carbs world, but high fat

Sugar is indeed sweet, carbs are also   Healthy natural kind of food. But it’s really a basic knowledge that I’ve learned in school, or what my parents said, or what almost everybody mentioned, even it’s been  like this like forever. That is why I tried to avoid fat world, specially if about “high fat!” Oh no no 😳 not that kind of food!

Avocado 🥑 is not my kind of food, because before I’ve tried to avoid fatty stuff, and creamy fat stuff were not in my eating list up to recently, like end of march 2017.

Anyway That’s my old fashioned me, but now when I found out the beauty of high fat but low carbs foods, it’s like I found a new me!

New world just come to me, introduce the fun and the lovely eating style with this ketogenic point of view. 

Keto world is different.

Maybe you know more than me, but I will writing more about this later on. 1st chapter is done, and I am still learning. But it’s fun.

Laters babe 😘


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