Love is = Life are πŸ˜Ž

#myLife now are in the circle of #family #friends and #office world kind of stuff 😘 I guess that’s more than enough πŸ’• …. At least now πŸ’‹

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I guess you can choose your moment into:
– today for family
– tomorrow for friends
– a few days for office world
– last but not least, a day for “yourself”

When I was young, single and still looking around. I think I want to be this, that and or someone else. But now, when my age plus my life experience gave me some of own stories. I guess there’s a moment that you decide, today…. I just want to be with my hubby, kids n surround by families. But
There’s also a moment that you wake up, early morning and suddenly you just like having a moment of “I just want to be alone and do whatever I wanna do” today without interruption!
Then you just quick prepared yourself and gone with the flow of be yourself and think about yourself for a while!
Just a few hours of those moment and then you will missed your friends and or your love ones again πŸ˜‹
It’s a way to get yourself free from daily duty. Because you can do it if you say so! You are your own leader, it’s about organise your own life be more interesting and get some of variation. Try it and don’t feel guilty about it.
If you love your family and or friends or office world, I think you should also love yourself.
Love is mysterious kind of stuff πŸ’•


Ps: I do Love all of you even sometime, I said I love myself too! Life is too short (u know that, right) and I think I need to have balance in love issue. Peace n Love βœŒοΈπŸ’•


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